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Factory Design Suite Premium 2015
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Factory Design Suite Premium 2015

Help improve efficiency, accuracy, and communication with factory-specific design, visualization, and analysis tools.

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This product is now also available as a Desktop Subscription. Learn more here.

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What's New

Did you know ?

This product is now also available as a Desktop Subscription. Learn more here.

Create manufacturing facility layouts more quickly and help optimize manufacturing efficiencies. New workflow improvement tools in Factory Design Suite Ultimate help you to:

  • Get more accurate representations of the building and environment in which your factory projects are implemented to help reduce collaboration errors and cost. 
  • Improve point cloud workflows that can be used for collision detection, alignment and fit of large assets, clearance analysis and more.
  • Capture your ideas and share them with others using Factory Design Mobile tools.
  • Simplify a factory project and export it as a Revit formatted file for inclusion with other projects with new Revit® software interoperability features.
  • Clean, organize, and visualize your massive datasets more easily. ReCap helps you create intelligent 3D models from laser scans and use improved point cloud workflows for collision detection, alignment and fit of large assets, clearance analysis, and more.
  • Help improve efficiency with new layers in Inventor® software that now work like layers in AutoCAD®. Specify points of connection where the assembly line or asset needs to connect to the MEP environment. Add descriptions of a placed asset to include additional information or URLs.
  • Gain access to a larger library of assets that help make it easier to build layouts using commonly used factory assets.
  • Maximize productivity with new vault integration tools that open layouts and assets directly from the vault. Experience greater control over the use of factory projects and assets with version control and access control of data.




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7.250 €


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Create factory layout models

Test different layout scenarios digitally

Expedite designs with 3D smart assets

Design, publish, and share custom parametric assets


Visualize large facility layouts

Detect clashes and clearance

Communicate design intent with cinematic animations

Simulate installation and demolition


Advanced 3D mechanical design tools

Virtually infinite computational power

Cloud-based parametric optimization

Factory asset builder


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English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Polish

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